stuck in my head


  1. When this film first came out I went alone to the Ritz Theater in Philadelphia to see it. I was completely shocked that someone was capable of and interested in capturing the essence of lower-class white male dialogue so accurately that I nearly feel out of my seat. It sounded like my friends and I. The next day I insisted that two long-time friends went with me to see it. They were both artists but more importantly they both had street smarts (does that idiom translate?) and neither of them were opposed to a bit of criminality if the right caper presented itself. They felt the same way that I did. They were amazed that the linguistic style of our class and milieu had been captured so accurately.
    To put that last statement in perspective, here is a true story that I wrote about the relationship between my father and I that accurately explains my background. I hope that you enjoy it:

    1. Oh, I just loved it. Tim ROth is kind of the coolest cat in town to me. I was mainly interested in the movie because of him, but of course tarantino did marvellously in here. I liked the idea of a theatre-like intimate play scene in a real boys & guns movie. The dialogue is purely American, as I imagine it. Good to hear that it's the real thing. We've got a smilar way to talk/slang back in the ukraine, where I come from. I remember my father sleeping with a gun under the pillow(my soft intelligent father, who could be a noble knight when needed - fearless and strong) Thank's for that, I am definetly going to check it out. Where is your blog, Mike? It says "deleted"?